Takalar – Employee of PT Permodalan Nasional Madani (PNM) Mekaar Branch Takalar, South Sulawesi (Sulsel), AU (20) has allegedly been harassed by her superior. AU claims to have been asked to sell herself because a customer had defaulted on their loan payments.

“The treatment (that I experienced) was being told to prostitute myself to pay off the installment (for the delinquent customer) and it happened on March 11th,” AU told detikSulsel on Tuesday (March 28, 2023).

AU claims that she was initially called by her superior on Saturday (March 11) and was then scolded with vulgar language and asked to prostitute herself.

“At that moment, I was immediately told, ‘If you can’t get this loan (AU was asked to sell herself),” AU said.

AU also claimed that this was not the first time she was the target of her superior’s anger. AU said that her phone is often confiscated when she fails to collect payments from customers.

“If other words like setang (devil), kongkong (dog), sundala (prostitute’s child), and kabulamma (rude) are used, every time there is a problem in the office, like not meeting the collection targets, it comes out again. And as for the phone confiscation, it has happened twice,” she said.

AU has reported her superior to the police. She has also been questioned on Monday (March 27) about the incident.

“That is what I reported to the police, the word (to prostitute myself) that was said during the incident on the 11th,” she said.

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